Rockabilly Rebels, Volume 1

by Various Artists

As every knows, Sun Records recorded the first Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins records. What many people don't realize is that Sun Records created an entirely new genre of music, "Rockabilly."

Rockabilly became the major evolution in the Sun sound. Lyrically it was bold; musically it was sparse; but it moved. In the 1950's, Country music rarely used drums that were so vital to Jazz, Blues and jump bands. In fact, drums were prohibited on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. However, Rockabilly drums played an essential role in driving teens across the nation to become enamored wiht the Rockabilly movement and the revolutionary Sun sound.

Inherent in the music of Sun is a vibrancy that survives to this day. Sincere, passionate music. Music that has stood the test of time. It is music that has reached across race, age and gender boundaries. It reflects the diversity and vision of it's founder, Sam Phillips and the talent that recorded on the Sun label that helped shape American culture.

Rockabilly Rebels is a limited numbered edition vinyl album compilation of Sun Rockabilly classics as well as more obscure tracks. One thing is for sure; classic or obscure...these songs rock!!

More Information
Catalog Number SUNX7061
Release Date Nov 19, 2015
Artist Various Artists
Record Label Sun Records / Icehouse Records
Music Genre Pop / Rock
Explicit Content No
Format LP
Number of Discs 1
Box Quantity 0
Track List
  1. Put Your Cat Clothes On - Carl Perkins
  2. Drinkin Wine - Malcolm Yelvington
  3. Slow Down - Jack Earles
  4. Red Hot - Billy Lee Riley
  5. Wild One - Jerry Lee Lewis
  6. Fairlane Rock - Hayden Thompson
  7. All Night Long - Sonny Burgess
  8. Rolando - Roland James
  9. Bottle To The Baby (B Version) - Charlie Feathers
  10. Bop Bop Baby - Wade and Dick
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